PHL Crashpad
A Great Place to Crash in PHL
A Great Place to Crash in PHL


The House is located in a safe, working class neighborhood called Essington. It is referred to as "The Island" by locals, because of its physical location. It is bordered by the airport, the Delaware River, and a nature preserve. There are many local restaurants, stores, bars and businesses that are familiar with airline employees. Supporting these businesses is a pleasure, with a small town feel in the middle of a big city.

There is a very extensive public transportation system in Philadelphia. Buses and Trains can take you pretty much anywhere in the city, including the crashpad. You can visit their website here

The bus that runs from the airport to the crashpad is called the 37 bus. The schedules are available online here:

The bus TO the airport:                       *Weekdays =
                                                                        *Saturday = 
                                                                        *Sunday =

*The time the of pickup can be found in the 3rd column over labeled Gov Printz Blvd & Wanamaker Ave.

The bus FROM the airport:                **Weekdays =

                                                                        **Saturday =
                                                                        **Sunday =

**The time of the pickup can be figured by looking at the 5th or 6th column over, this is the time it stops at terminal A, it then continues to all of the other terminals. The bus stops are located outside of baggage claim, ground transportation, and are clearly labeled with the SEPTA logo. IT IS IMPORTANT TO GET ON THE #37 BUS TO CHESTER, there are a few buses that go by, make sure you get on the right one.